Smartphones have gained a lot of popularity and profit over the last few years. They are slowly becoming a way of life because currently, there are over 75% of smartphone users all over the world.

With these smartphones comes great phone accessories. Accessories are positioned to be a very top priority for a smartphone and that’s why we are looking at the top 10 phone accessories every smartphone user should have.

1. Power Banks

Power banks have grown to be a very top and handy priority especially in certain parts of the world where power is inconsistent. Power banks act as mobile chargers for to who want to charge their phone at urgent occasions.

2. Smart Watches

Smart watches are very cool and very vital to every smartphone user because they help the smartphone sync their phones to their watch and be getting real-time information from the watch.

3. Pouches

Pouches are also important as a smartphone user. Pouches are protective rubber layers to protect the back of the screen. And it also helps to make the smartphones last longer and always look cleaner

4. Screen guards

Screen guards also an essential accessory for smartphones. Screen-guards are glasses protective layered mostly used to protect the screen.

5. Earphones and Headphones

Earphones and Headsets are also a very important accessory a smartphone user should have. Earphones and Headphones are very good to receive audio directly especially for calls, and in most cases, it also serves as an antenna.

6. Micro USB to USB cable

Micro USB to USB cables also serve a great deal to smartphone users and it’s a must buy to every smartphone user. Micro USB to USB cables mostly serve as chargers, they are used to transfer files, and are used for USB tethering.

7. Finger ring phone holders

Finger ring phone holders are very important to smartphones users and very vital to buy to every smartphone user. It helps the smartphone user have a firm grip on your phone while you are moving.

8. Selfie sticks and Tripod Stands 

For those who love taking selfies and pictures, especially on several occasions whether for blogging, lifestyle, and pleasure, selfie sticks and tripod stands are very important accessories you must get. Selfie sticks as the name imply help you take good selfies with ease and Tripod stand makes you take group photos accurately all with the use of your smartphone.

9. External Cameras and Lens

External cameras are another best phone accessory to buy. These cameras help those who are great lovers of Instagram and real-time communication platforms like Skype, Facebook, Google Hangout, etc. 

10. External Microphones

For those whose love to use real-time communication platforms, having an external microphone is essential and a must-buy. This will make the quality of your personal or conference calls better and flow with ease.

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